UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, no future events are currently scheduled. Please continue to support our cause via 


Non-competitive Activities:

Agility 101: This is not a competition, but it does have a $5 fee to talk with a trainer, learn about agility and try some of the agility obstacles with your pup.  Seasoned agility handler? Set the course at your level and do a timed run (bring proof of titles or past agility trial score). Or for $10/run, try Rally and Lure! 

Demos:   There will be agility demos throughout the weekend as time allows, as well as freestyle disc. Of course, competitions pretty much go on all weekend, so you can see first hand these sport-competitions in action!  

Shop!:  Please support our vendors who have donated to The Sergei Foundation to be at our event.  Learn about the businesses who provide services to the community and who will have giveaways and fun-activities throughout the day. 

Competitive Events (Yes, beginners welcome)

Below is a list of the competitive events.  The 2019 event schedule still yet to come. Click on any section to find out more about each competition. 


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  Disc-UpDog Competitions



 Dock Jumping Competition




  Doggy "Daches"

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