Doggy “Daches”


2018 Doggy "Daches" 

In this less formal event most entrants are not competitive career racers, but a lovable family pet. Our Doggy "Daches" is of course a play on the word "Dashes" to honor this short-legged, long-bodied German breed. Any dog under 20 pounds can enter.  


Rules for doggy daches include: Dog competitors must be non-aggressive towards other dogs as the five dogs will run side-by-side. No dogs under 6 months old allowed to enter for safety reasons.  Two owners/handlers must be present with each dog - one to release at the start and the other to call for the dog at the finish line. This is an "informal" event so treats or a toy may be used to encourage the dogs to run to you!

We will have runs throughout the day! We like to have at least 5 dogs per race. 

"DACHES" COMPETITION FEES*:  On-site registration only. Fees are $5 per race (Plus admission to Triad Dog Games. Parking is free.)  

Register/pay at the Doggy Daches Event area. Cash only accepted. 

PRIZES:  Each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive an official competitor ribbon. Others will get a participant ribbon. Sponsor-donated prizes may be available as well.