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Chalcy - Pet of the Day, May 10

In loving memory of Chalcy, a  little trucking dog. She traveled 9 years and over 1 Million miles all over the U.S. She loved her truck! She died of an intestinal disease that also took her eyesight in the last half year. She was one brave little dog and she will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.
~ Her mommy.

Penny Lou - Pet of the Day, May 5

Words to describe our sweet rescue Penny Lou include; great cuddler, patient, old soul, best friend, and loving. Life just wouldn't be the same without her!

~ Kristin D. 

Bella & Rugby - Pet of the Day, May 2

These two are the picture of a perfect marriage. Just 3 months apart in age they play independently as well as together, share all there stuff, and never go to bed angry. Something we all can learn from. They light up our home.

~ Al Renna

Tuddy - Pet of the Day, April 29

This is one of the last photos we have of our beloved Tuddy Bear, aka Mr. Tuddles. We lost him to cancer on July 27, 2015. To say that Tuddy was an angel in a doggie suit gives you some idea of what a wonderful Spirit he was. He was one of the smartest most joyful little guys. He was a little observer, and we often thought he was a Chinese philosopher reincarnated! We miss him every single day and wish he were here to observe another Triad Dog Games.

~Much love from your very large family still missing you here on Earth!

Axel - Pet of the Day, April 20 through 27

Axel was probably the largest Doberman I ever saw. However, in all respects,  Axel defied all the bad press about his breed. He was intelligent, loving, loyal and playful. He lived for 2 things: loving his humans and catching his frisbee! I lost Axel to cancer when he was 10, but I am a better person because of all I learned from him. His spirit is always with me. Atta boy, Axel ! 

 ~Al and Grace Renna

Benji - Pet of the Day, April 12

Benji is our new puppy. He's always excited to play and give us constant love. He brings many smiles to us & everyone who steps in our new home!
~Kari Carter & Thomas Crawford

Cersei - Pet of the Day, April 11

Cersei is a rescue who has been an amazing new daughter to our furry family! She loves to fetch, play tug, and snuggle. We love her tons!

~ Amy Carter and Jane Katzer

Sydney - Pet of the Day, April 9

I love Sydney so much! I work a lot, and he is my reminder to stop, play, and smell the roses (or play ball, of course). He'll be 7 on May 1st. Love you my "big, little-guy!"

~Karen Fullerton